Wednesday, July 17, 2013

2013 MLB All-Star Game Performance

Goldschmidt came into the All-Star game in the 5th inning to replace Joey Votto.In the 6th inning he made a nice catch in foul territory to get Miguel Cabrera out.

When he came to bat in the 7th, Goldschmidt hit a bouncing ball right down the third baseline. Manny Macado made a spectacular play and was able to get Goldy out by half step. No other third baseman would have been able to make that play. You can see the play here:

Goldschmidt came to the plate one more time in the bottom of the 9th with two outs and hit a opposite field double to keep the National Leagues hopes alive. This was just the 3rd hit that the National League had all night and the only extra base hit. You can see it here:

Here are a couple of quotes from Goldy about his All-Star experience.

"It was awesome. Hopefully as many people as possible get to do it. Hopefully I'll get to do it again. Obviously it's an honor to be out here with some of these guys, mentioned in the same breath as them. That in itself was cool, but just the whole experience of being here, everything they did was top notch."

"I got to talk to guys I normally wouldn't talk to. That was probably my favorite part of the experience, to talk to guys and get their take on things."

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